The Williams Family Home is located in Elk Grove, Michigan. Brock Williams and his wife raised their two children, Cheryl and Ash Williams in this house. When only Ash returned after a weekend trip gone wrong, Ash explained to his father that he had to kill his friends after they became possessed by evil. When the locals of Elk Grove began to make fun of Ash, he left his childhood home and left his father to live in the home alone for 30 years.

Rooms Edit

Ash's Bedroom Edit

The room's walls are covered with posters for horror movies (Night of The Frogs, The Wolfman Strikes!), musicians (Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop), and Shemp's Beer. It appears that the room has been untouched for 30+ years, since Ash ran away from home in the early to mid 1980's after returning from 1300 AD.

Images of Ash's BedroomEdit

Cheryl's Bedroom Edit

Although we have yet to see it, it is very likely that, like Ash's, it has remained untouched for 30 years.


Notes Edit

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