• The Cruentus

    Second Coming review

    December 20, 2016 by The Cruentus

    I plan on making a review on all the episodes in the series, but I will start with the most recent. WARNING SPOILER ALERT.

    Like all the episodes so far, its brilliant, its totally evil dead and Ted Raimi was on form as Henrietta....I nearly died at the milk scene.

    Baal was hilirious as well, or should I say "Bill"? Obviously he wasn't going to fight fair.

    Ellen Sandweiss makes a return as Cheryl once again, though sadly only too briefly.

    Basically the premise is where the last episode left off, Ash and Tanya trapped in the basement of the cabin in the year 1982, Ash and co travelled back in time to find a way to resurrect Pablo. Tanya is killed by Henrietta and Ash briefly escapes the celler just in time to bumb into the 1980 version of Ruby be…

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