When thou retrieves the book from its cradle, you must recite the words, 'Klaatu Barada Nikto'.
— The Wise Man to Ash.

The Wise Man is an elderly, bearded man who convinces Lord Arthur that Ash is the Chosen One, prophesied in the Book of the Dead. He is the one who throws Ash his Chainsaw while he is trapped in the Pit.

Army of Darkness Edit

A wise man

The Wise Man remains unnamed throughout the film, though he is known to act as King Arthur's mage. The Wise Man, on spotting Ash, deduces that he is the Chosen One prophesied to rid them of the Deadites. Arthur however disagrees and sends him to the pit to die. Though unable to help directly, he helps Ash rescue himself by throwing his chainsaw to him from above. Once Ash has convinced Arthur that he is not their enemy, The Wise Man tells Ash that they can return him to his time using the Necronomicon, which Ash is destined to retrieve. Once Ash is convinced, he and Arthur see Ash off onto the road leading to the Necronomicon. Before they part ways the Wise Man tells Ash where the Necronomicon is located, and the spell to get him back home. When he asks Ash repeatedly what the words where Ash replies: "I know your damn words, alright?!"

Ash being Ash, he forgot the words and when he took the book, the Wise Man sensed something was "amiss". When Ash came back with the book the Wise Man questioned Ash, who admitted he had not finished the incantation. The Wise Man reveals that Ash has awoken the Army of the Dad who will siege the castle for the book and surely kill them all. Ash, frustrated, insists that he help up his end of the bargain and demands that they help him return home.

The Wise Man is not seen during the battle; however he appears at the end, using the Necronomicon to create a liquid, a drop of which will allow a man to sleep for 100 years. The wise man gives Ash a satchel of this drink and warns him to only take six drops or he will oversleep.

The Wise Man's ultimate fate is unknown.

Comics Edit

2004-2013, 2016-Ongoing Continuity Edit

Using The Necronomicon, The Wise Man is sent to the future to seek the help of Ash in the 2004 limited series: Ashes 2 Ashes. Later in the series, he is killed by Ash's evil hand, but is somehow resurrected at the end of the series. A Deadite Wise Man is seen in The Death of Ash alongside a Deadite Sheila, Arthur, and Henry The Red, and after "killing" Ash, the four take over the world. The Deadite Wise Man is killed by Ash in the From The Ashes story line. The Wise Man's final appearance in the original Army of Darkness series is in King For A Day, where after the deaths of Lord Arthur and Henry The Red during a war with the Deadites, he leads the surviving subjects of Lord Arthur to safety until the Deadites were stopped. He also informs Ash that he was named King after Arthur and Henry's deaths. Not too long after that, The Wise Man once again traveled to the future to tell Ash that one of his mini-Ashes had escaped the windmill and gone to the world of Xena The Warrior Princess. He remained in the 21st Century, aiding Ash with his Deadite-Hunter-For-Hire business. It is possible at some point between 2013 and 20 years from "now", The Wise Man died of old age since he is not present for Evil Ash's second takeover of Earth.

2013-2015 Continuity Edit

A Deadite Wise Man summons Ash (and his entire S-Mart store) back to 1300 AD in 2013's Ash and the Army of Darkness series so Ash can retrieve The Necronomicon that he had lost. Soon the Wise Man is released from the control of the Deadites and aids Ash in his quest to now stop a possessed Sheila from taking over the world. He last appears in the Ash Gets Hitched series.

Trivia Edit

  • Though he is not named in the film, in the script for Army of Darkness, The Wise Man is given the name Wiseman John.

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