Sheila was a resident of Castle Kandar in 1300 AD. When Ash Williams arrived from the 20th Century, she mistook him as one of Henry The Red's soldiers and knocked him into The Pit. However, when Ash climbed out of The Pit, Sheila and the other residents of the castle realized that he was "The Promised One" spoken of in the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis. After agreeing to go on a quest to retrieve the Necronomicon, Ash realized he had feelings for Sheila. Shortly after leaving the castle, Ash returned with Book of The Dead, Sheila was kidnapped by winged Deadites and brought to Evil Ash, where she was turned into a Deadite herself. After the battle inside the castle's walls, Sheila was turned human again.

Sheila first (and only) on-screen appearance was in the 1992 film Army of Darkness, where she was played by Embeth Davidtz.

Below is a list of alternate versions of Sheila from the various comics based on the Army of Darkness film.

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Alternate Reality Versions


Alternate Reality Versions

Sheila (Earth-818793)
2004-Present Army of Darkness Comics

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