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The Gauntlet first appeared in Army Of Darkness, and was made by Ash to replace his right hand. It was once a piece of armor, and Ash with help from the Blacksmith, added gears, wires and such from Ash's Oldsmobile. It is very powerful, as seen in Army Of Darkness, when it is used to crush an iron goblet. It can be detached from his right arm and be replaced with other  Weapons, such as the Chainsaw. 

At some point between the past 30 years, Ash either stopped using, destroyed, or lost the gauntlet and replaced it with a simple wooden hand. 

Outside of Army Of DarknessEdit


The Gauntlet as a makeshift grappling hook (from Ashes 2 Ashes).

2373642-ash projectile fist army of darkness 4 2012

The fist as a projectile (from Army of Darkness Volume 3).


The Gauntlet stops a blast from a shotgun (AoD vs. Hack/Slash #1).

The Gauntlet appears in almost all of Ash's adventures outside of the Movies, except for the Video Games. In the Army of Darkness comics, the fist of the Gauntlet can be fired like a missile from Ash's arm (as seen in Army of Darkness Vol. 3), which is useful for long range attacks. In the Ashes 2 Ashes limited series, when trying to save himself and The Wiseman from sinking into quicksand, Ash takes a piece of rope and ties it around his Gauntlet fist and them proceeds to launch it at a tree branch, making it a makeshift grappling hook. The gauntlet is apparently strong enough to block a blast from a shotgun and easily bend the barrel, as seen in Army of Darkness vs. Hack/Slash.

Future Gauntlet Edit

In the Shop 'Till You Drop Dead story-arc, Ash is teleported to a future overrun with Deadites, and must journey to retrieve the Necronomicon Program so he can return to his time. To aid him on his journey, Ash is given a cyborg weapon hand, where each finger is a different tool: explosive shell launcher, high powered laser, flame thrower, grappling hook and force projector. Ash uses it for the remainder of the story, but it is taken away by police at the beginning of the Army of Darkness vs. Re-Animator crossover.

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