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The Kandarian Dagger in The Evil Dead

The Kandarian Dagger is a large dagger found by Professor Knowby with the Necronomicon in his archaelogical dig. It's handle is made from human bone and the blade itself is able to neutralize the Deadites with a single stab (opposed to dismembering the actual body).It appears in The Evil Dead and Evil Dead II.

The blade itself is capable of burning the flesh of a Deadite or even a Dark One.

The dagger returns in Ash vs Evil Dead and is mentioned to be able to sear the flesh of the Necronomicon as well as the Kandarian demon and even destroy it. The physical appearance of the dagger is different in each of its appearances, in the first film it had a simple looking blade with a heavily ribbed handle made out of bone, in the second film the dagger is now black and the blade is replaced a bone spike shaped similar to a spine. In Ash vs Evil Dead, it has gone back to its original appearance but the handle is now smooth instead of ribbed.

Beyond The Films and Television Series Edit

The Kandarian Dagger plays a major role in the three-issue comic series Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn. While in Hell, Annie Knowby and Ash use the dagger to kill demons and absorb their souls into it. Ash puts the souls of Annie's parents into the dagger, and once returning to the land of the living, not only releases the souls of the Knowby family, but also the spirits of the demons that they killed while in Hell.

in Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell, a dagger similar to the Kandarian Dagger appears but is not actually the same dagger and is notably different, though the Necronomicon does appear.

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