Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (also known as Friday the 13th Part IX: Jason Goes to Hell, and originally titled Friday the 13th Part IX: The Dark Heart of Jason Voorhees) is a 1993 slasher film, the ninth installment in the Friday the 13th film series and the first sequel to be distributed by New Line Cinema.


Through unexplained resurrection, the undead serial killer Jason Voorhees is back at Crystal Lake and on the hunt again, but this time the brutal killer is on the wrong end of an FBI sting. As he's about to kill a woman (undercover FBI agent Elizabeth Marcus), the FBI springs a trap. After gunning him down, they launch an explosive, and Jason gets blown to pieces. His grisly remains are sent to a morgue, where the coroner Phil is hypnotized by Jason's beating black heart and begins to eat it, causing himself to be possessed by the demonic spirit of Jason. He then proceeds to kill the Coroner's Assistant and a pair of FBI agents who insult him.

As the dark spirit jumps from host to host via a parasitic snake like demon, it is revealed by bounty hunter Creighton Duke that only members of Jason's bloodline can truly kill him and he'll return to life if he's killed by someone outside of his family. The only living relatives of Jason are his half-sister Diana Kimble, her daughter Jessica, and Stephanie, the infant daughter of Jessica and the main protagonist Steven Freeman. His attempts to warn Diana, however, result in him getting arrested for harassment.

Jason kidnaps policeman Josh after killing three Crystal Lake campers and his wife Edna, and takes him to the Voorhees house, where he shaves Josh and transfers his heart into his body. Jason makes his way to Diana's house. Diana shoots Jason in the head, but it is no use. Steven, having been asked to meet Diana at the house, bursts in and stabs Jason with a fireplace poker. Diana is killed with a knife sharpener and Jason escapes. Steven is falsely accused and arrested for Diana's murder, and meets Duke, who reveals Jessica's relation to Jason, and that Jason could be possessing anyone to get to Jessica or Stephanie, whom he needs to recreate his body. Determined to get to Jessica before Jason does, Steven escapes from jail, with the reluctant help of Officer Randy Parker, a friend of his.

Meanwhile, Jessica is dating American Casefiles reporter Robert Campbell. Steven goes to the Voorhees house to find evidence to convince Jessica, but falls through rotten boards. Robert enters the upstairs room, and receives a phone call, during which he reveals that he is attempting to "spice up" his show's ratings by putting emphasis on Jason's return from death, having stolen Diana's body from the morgue for this reason. Jason bursts in and transfers his heart into Robert. Josh, due to being possessed by Jason, melts into a puddle of flesh and blood. Jason leaves, with Steven in pursuit. Jason attempts to be reborn through Jessica at her mother's house, but is disrupted by Steven, who hits him and takes Jessica into his car. Steven proceeds to run over Jason and explain the situation to Jessica, who does not believe him and literally throws him out of the car. Jessica makes it to the police station, where she is dressed and comforted by Ed Landis, the town's sheriff and her mother's boyfriend, and the other cops present. Confronted by Randy, Steven initially resists arrest, but quickly gives in upon discovering Jessica's location.

Jason arrives at the police station and goes on a rampage, killing several police officers and nearly possessing Jessica before Steven arrives and stops him; with these events, Jessica realizes that Steven's story is true. In the chaos, Duke makes his own escape. The two make their way to Joey B.'s diner to grab the baby, but are unexpectedly held at gunpoint by Joey, who still believes that Steven killed Diana. All hostilities towards them are ceased, however, when Jason arrives. Though they put up a valiant fight with their variety of weapons, the rowdy comic relief waiting staff is unable to stop Jason, and most of them are brutally murdered (including Joey). Running to the back, Jessica and Steven discover a note from Duke, telling them that he has the baby and ordering Jessica to meet him at the Voorhees house alone. Suddenly, Jason crashes through the wall and grabs Jessica only to be attacked by Vicki, who impales him with a barbecue skewer. Unaffected, Jason proceeds to impale Vicki on the skewer and crush her skull with his bare hands, appearing to die afterwards, all with a sadistic smile on his face.

Departing alone, Jessica meets up with Duke at the Voorhees house, and is given a mystical dagger (the dagger is the Skull Dagger from the Evil Dead franchise. This, along with a cameo appearance by the Necronomicon hints at a link between Friday The 13th and the Evil Dead films.) which she can use to permanently kill Jason. Meanwhile, an unseen officer makes his way into the diner, discovering the bodies, except for Robert's, which (possessed) leaps from the closet, and transfers his heart into the unseen officer's body (offscreen). Duke falls through the floor, and Jessica is confronted by Landis and Randy, who both survived, but one of them is possessed. Landis accidentally stabs himself with the dagger and Jessica drops it underneath a dresser. Randy, being the officer possessed, attempts to be reborn through Stephanie, but Steven arrives and severs his neck with a machete. Jason's heart, which has now grown into a demonic infant, crawls out of Randy's neck, and makes its way into the basement, where it crawls into Diana's dead body while Steven and Jessica pull the injured Duke out of the basement. Complete with worksuit and hockey mask, Jason is reborn, and wastes no time in attacking the trio. While Steven and Jessica attempt to retrieve the dagger, Duke distracts Jason: in response, Jason grabs him in a bear hug, crushing his back and killing him before turning his attention to Jessica. Enraged, Steven tackles Jason, sending both men flying out a window. While Jessica retrieves the dagger, Steven engages Jason in hand to hand combat, which is mostly dominated by the latter. Jason brutally beats Steven with both a rake and a shovel and throws him into a jungle gym, which he proceeds to overturn. Just as Jason moves in for the coup de grace, Jessica appears and stabs him in the chest with the dagger, releasing the tortured souls that Jason has accumulated throughout his killing spree. Numerous demonic hands burst out of the ground and pull the struggling Jason into the depths of Hell. Jason attempts to take Steven down with him, but Jessica saves him.

Steven and Jessica reconcile and walk off into the sunrise with their baby. After they depart, Jason's mask is unearthed by a dog. Suddenly, Freddy Krueger's clawed glove bursts out of the ground, grabs Jason's mask, and drags it to Hell with him, laughing evilly, setting in motion the events of Freddy vs. Jason.


  • John D. LeMay as Steven Freeman
  • Kari Keegan as Jessica Kimble
  • Steven Williams as Creighton Duke
  • Allison Smith as Vicki
  • Steven Culp as Robert Campbell
  • Billy Green Bush as Sheriff Landis
  • Erin Gray as Diana Kimble
  • Rusty Schwimmer as Joey B.
  • Leslie Jordan as Shelby
  • Andrew Bloch as Josh
  • Kipp Marcus as Randy
  • Richard Gant as Coroner (Phil)
  • Adam Cranner as Ward
  • Julie Michaels as Elizabeth Marcus
  • Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees/Guard/Freddy Krueger's claw


The film was received poorly, getting a 33% rotten rating on Rotten Tomatoes.[1]

Box officeEdit

The film opened in 1,355 theaters making $7.6 million its opening weekend. Domestically, the film made $15.9 million, making it the third lowest grossing Friday movie.

Other mediaEdit

A three-issue comic adaptation of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday written by Andy Mangels was published by Topps Comics. As the comics are based upon the original shooting script of the film, elements that were left out of the film are used in them. Topps also released a series of trading cards for the film.

The FBI sting that occurs at the beginning of the film is foreshadowed in the novel Friday the 13th: Hate-Kill-Repeat, which takes place between the events of the seventh and eighth films. The epilogue of the book states that the FBI, upon discovering Jason Voorhees actually exists, have begun making plans to trap him and "send him straight to Hell"[2]; the actual events of the 'sting' are revealed in Friday the 13th: Church of the Divine Psychopath.

Freddy Krueger's clawed hand coming out of the ground and taking Jason's mask was a reference to the future crossover between the two, which had been in development hell since 1987. It was finally finished in 2003, a year after this film's sequel.

The film features the appearances of the skull dagger and Necronomicon (Book of the Dead) from the Evil Dead films. Jason, Freddy, and Ash Williams (the main protagonist of the Evil Dead movies) would later meet in the comic book series Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash and again in Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: The Nightmare Warriors.

This film is notable for being the only one Jason speaks in; he spoke while in possession of Officer Randy's body.


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