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Hello Gorehounds...

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Is it possible that there is, or was ever a Necronomicon? Through independent studies and much hard deliberation and scholarly leanings it has been surmised that there may in fact be some truth to the myth, although wether there was really any evidence to suggest that it was written by an arabian sheik, or that this tome was compiled around the same era of the Crusades, there remains no physical evidence to support this. Perhaps in theory, there remains on real Necronomicon. Or perhaps, like those men who strove to write about great instances of horror (Poe, Lovecraft, King and Barker amongst many), these may in turn be the true origins of the Necronomicon. In any case, written work can lead to some very strange results, and constant searching does indeed yield treasure of one kind or another.

My point is this: wether written ten of thousands of years ago, or written yesterday, there is no telling where the next Necronomicon will turn up, and it is due to Mens search for hidden knowledge as well as our capacity for Evil, that will open wide the floodgates and set loose the new tide of esoteric Armageddon. Read and despair, for Knowledge is Power...

Always read with the lights on...

Aaron Michael Kelly.

Sydney Australia 2013

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