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The Evil Hand is Ash's right hand from Evil Dead II which the deadites possess. Ash chops the hand off at the wrist and it then causes chaos around the cabin while Ash tries in vain to destroy it.

Ash replaces the hand with a modified chainsaw in Evil Dead II and a gauntlet in Army of Darkness.

Biography Edit

Evil Dead 2 Edit

After an encounter with 'Bad' Ash in the mirror, Ash begins to realize that his hand is possessed. His hand continues to attack him, by either bashing his head into the kitchen sink, or continuously breaking plates against his head. After Ash passed out, the hand was about to break another plate on his head, when it spotted a butcher knife, or cleaver, in other words. The Hand pulls itself and Ash (Because it is still connected to his arm) to the cleaver. Right before it reaches the cleaver, Ash stabs it with a kitchen knife. While saying "Who's laughing now?!" Ash notices the chainsaw on the floor, reaches for it, starts it up with his teeth, and then severed his hand. He covers the hand with a bucket and a pile of books (with "A Farewell to Arms" humorously being the top book). The hand escapes, and Ash takes some target practice with it, trying to shoot it out of the wall before it causes more trouble; Ash is unsuccessful in this feat. 

Sometime occurs after Annie and her group arrives. The Hand had scared Bobby Joe out into her death in the woods. It also stabs Annie with the Kandarian Dagger.

Ash vs Evil Dead Edit

Ruby Knowby and Amanda Fisher use the hand to track Ash on his journey to stop the evil that he has unleashed. Later in the series, the hand crawls away from the duo and heads back to the Cabin where it all started. Eventually, it grew a new Evil Ash.

Beyond The Films and Television Series Edit

Comics Edit

Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn (2015) Edit

Annie Knowby uses the hand that killed her at the end of Evil Dead 2 to create a simulacrum of Ash to help her rescue her parents souls trapped in Hell.

2004-2013, 2016-Ongoing Army of Darkness Comics Edit

Ash's hand returns in Ashes 2 Ashes when Ash and The Wiseman return to the Cabin to ensure that the Ash from the past goes to 1300 AD. Later in the story, the hand stabs The Wiseman in the back (similar to Annie Knowby) and attaches itself to a skeleton, resurrecting Evil Ash once more. The hand reappears in the Old School story-arc, where it turns on Professor Knowby's tape recorder, resurrecting those who died in the Cabin previously, such as Annie Knowby and Henrietta Knowby.

Video Games Edit

Evil Dead: Hail to the King Edit

Ash's hand comes back to haunt Ash after eight years. It activates the tape recorder, and summons the deadites at the beginning of the game. It comes back when Ash returns to the past.

At some point, Ash possesses the hand and uses it to activate levers to get past a gate.

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