Evil Fred (The Evil Dead Parody) is the 1st episode of Fred: the Show.


Part 1Edit

Fred has tickets for a Matthew and the Equations concert, featuring a new love song relating to math.

15 minutes later, his mom called him to come downstairs

He sees some people, Kevin, his Mom, Sister, and Dad. They are blaming him for

  • T.P. - ​ing a car.
  • Supergluing feathers to a bike.
  • Breaking Kevin's mom's yard gnome
  • Putting blue dye in Fred's mom's face cream.

Then his mom confiscates his Matthew + Questions concert tickets, causing him heartbroken, and then goes up into his room.

He then thinks that there is a planet opposite of Earth, on where Evil Fred lives. He also thinks that Evil Fred built a Portal Generator which allowed him to cross over to Earth and then he is seen doing those bad things. Then it cuts back to Fred laughing maniacally until Mom tells him to stop. Then Fred gets an idea. He comes downstairs. His plan is to trap Evil Fred with "Jelly and Peanut Butter" sandwiches. He spots Evil Fred, but is trapped. He gets out, and asks to borrow a kid's bike. He is pursuing Evil Fred, but is distracted by traffic. Once he spies on Evil Fred, he finds out Evil Fred is Kevin.

Part 2Edit

Some clips from Part 1 are shown, including one where he is trapped in rope with a woman named Esmerelda and a time bomb. He says "Don't worry, Esmerelda. I'll get us out of here. You just have to trust----," but the bomb explodes and causes a blackout in the entire city, which didn't actually happen. Fred had thought that Evil Fred had hypnotized Kevin to do bad stuff, and he also hypnotized Kevin to pee his pants whenever he hears the word "barracuda". Fred maniacally laughed again, and thinks despite Evil Fred being so ruthlessly evil, he is such a funny guy, which cuts to Fred and the victims of Kevin, while dressed as a Southern Lawyer. Kevin pretends that Fred did it so that they blame Fred. After his "swearing," Fred is sent up to his room as punishment. He gets another idea to make a robotic version of himself. He leaves it there to make sure his mom doesn't know he's gone as he goes to Kevin's house. Then he finds Kevin's stuff as useless and then gets a 3rd idea to dress as Kevin. He goes outside and reveals Kevin's secrets, after, Kevin gets mad. He chases Fred into his house. Then Fred's mom sees what's happening and grounds Kevin for dressing as Fred and Fred for leaving his room. Their punishment is to rub her feet with Foot Fungal Cream. Meanwhile, Evil Fred is seen again, creating his Portal Generator.

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