You may be looking for the original Ash Williams or the simulacrum grown from his hand or the original Evil Ash.

Evil Ash II is the second evil clone of Ash Williams, manifested via the possessed severed hand of Ash Williams.


During the Cabin incident, Ash's hand became possessed and he was was forced to amputate it with his chainsaw. The hand, still possessed killed Annie Knowby and ended up in Ruby's possession but became dormant for thirty years, it became active once the Necronomicon was read once again.

The hand left Ruby's possession and made its way to the Cabin where it started to grow an arm and eye as it metamorphed. From this hand, another Evil Ash was born.

The real Ash himself returned to the cabin with Amanda Fisher but got trapped in the workshed with Linda. Evil Ash encountered Amanda and attempted to seduce her, which almost worked until Amanda noticed that "Ash" had his right hand which was severely rotted. Amanda backed away from "ash" and demanded to know what that was, Evil Ash replied "its the whole me". Amanda asked if he grew another hand, "Ash" told her it was more complicated than that, Amanda told him his hand looked sick and then realized it was the severed hand Ruby kept. "Ash" attempted to calm her by telling her maybe he grew another hand or perhaps the hand grew another him and asked her what the difference was and told her he coudl give her everything she wanted and told her that he wanted her, "Ash" then reminded her that moments ago she wanted him as well. Amanda replied that was before she knew he was a just a "tumor" that grew out of a possessed hand, Evil Ash became upset and tells her name calling is not nice.

After having being rejected, Evil Ash attacked Fisher with a meat cleaver and stuck it in her shoulder. The wounded Amanda stumbled into the living room of the cabin and impales herself on the deer head that once hung on the fireplace. Eventually, the real Ash escaped the workshed and found Amanda in the Cabin. With her dying breath, Amanda tells Ash about the other him. Ash runs off to fight another evil counterpart once again. The two Ashes have a fight and are evenly matched, with Evil Ash displaying knowledge and having all of Ash's physical weaknesses like his trick knee. Eventually, they are found choking each other by Pablo and Kelly and since the two Ashes were identical, they were stuck in a stand-off. It became up to Pablo and Kelly to determine which was the real Ash, as the both of them tried to claim to be the good one. Both Ashs used minor racist remarks and details of his partners, Kelly and Pablo finally shot Evil Ash after Ash said to shoot them both. Afterwards, Ash would have to once again dismember the remains of an evil clone.


Evil Ash II's personality was much different to the original Evil Ash, possessing a serious personality similar to Ash, though had psychopathic tendencies as after being rejected by Amanda, he became violent.

Abilities and SkillsEdit

Evil Ash II possessed the same knowledge and skills as his original clone, however despite being a deadite, Evil Ash II lacked any form of super-human strength and seemed to be mortal as he was killed by being shot in the torso.

Appaerances Edit