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Ed Getley was Annie Knowby's boyfriend and Raymond Knowby's assistant. He was present when Raymond Knowby found the The Book Of The Dead, and first appeared in Evil Dead II.


Ed was Professor Knowby's archaeological dig assistant, and it was this way he met Annie Knowby, Prof. Knowby's daughter. They started dating and after Prof. Knowby found the Necronomicon, they stayed behind as he went to the Cabin to translate it. When Annie discovered the lost pages to the Necronomicon her and Ed flew to the United States to meet with her father at the Cabin, and help translate. However, when they got their, Annie's parents were gone,the bridge destroyed, and a man with one hand and a bloodied Chainsaw (with which Annie thinks Ash killed her parents with). After listening to Knowby's tape, they realize they made a mistake, and locked Ash in the cellar with Annie's Deadite Mother.


After the ensuing fight, Ed is hit on the head,and eventually becomes a grotesque Deadite, chanting: "We are the Things that were, and shall be again! Hahahahaha! Spirits of The Book! We want what is yours! LIFE! Dead by Dawn! Dead by Dawn!". Ash eventually kills him with the Axe.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Deadite ed

"Dead by Dawn,Dead by Dawn!"

Ed was played by Richard Domeier.

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