Brock Williams was the father of Ash and Cheryl Williams, the son of James Williams, the brother of Kent Williams and grandfather of Brandy Barr.

He is played by Lee Majors in Season 2 of Ash vs Evil Dead.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about the early life Brock Williams, except at some point during the late 50s to early 60s, his two children Ash and Cheryl were born. He also owned a hardware store in Elk Grove, but his business closed when Ash was accused of being a serial killer.


Brock is very much like an undiluted version of his son, being far more obnoxious and racist, as he openly called Pablo an illegal and asked if he had a greencard. Later at a party he flirted aggressively with Ruby who in retaliation lifted him up by his nose. Despite his flaws, he loved his son and daughter and was heartbroken when Cheryl died and Ash abandoned him for thirty years. In his final moments, he saw his son as a hero rather than the serial killer that townfolk thought him to be.

In Other Media Edit


The first appearance of Ash's father in Tales of Army of Darkness (2006).


Ash's Parents in Ash And The Army of Darkness #6 (2014).

Comics Edit

Brock technically made his first appearance in the 2006 comic Tales of Army of Darkness in the short story Necromomicon. Him and his wife (Ash and Cheryl's mother) remained nameless for the story. In the rebooted comics, Brock and his wife (again, remaining nameless) briefly appear in a flashback that Ash has in Ash And The Army of Darkness #6.