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Annie Knowby was Professor Knowby's daughter and the older sister (allegedly) of Ruby Knowby. She made her first appearance in Evil Dead II and was played by Sarah Berry.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Not much is known about Annie's early life, except she was born on September 2nd, 1962. Annie was the elder daughter Raymond and Henrietta Knowby and the alleged sister of Ruby.

Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn Edit

An archaeologist like her father, she discovered the remaining pages of the Necronomicon that her father believed lost. Bringing them to the Cabin, she hoped to translate them with her father, but instead came to finding the Bridge destroyed, her parents gone, and a gibbering lunatic with one hand whom she believes killed her parents. After listening to her father's tape, she discovers that he opened a portal for the Deadites. Eventually, she frees Ash and they discover how to destroy The Evil.


As she recites the spell to send The Evil back into time, Ash's Hand stabs her with the Kandarian Dagger. As she dies she makes one last effort to save Ash and says the last word of the spell, sending Ash into 1300 A.D.

Alternate Versions Edit

Evil Dead: Hail To The KingEdit

In Evil Dead: Hail to the King, Annie appears as a Deadite boss in the fruit cellar with the Kandarian Dagger. It is unknown how she entered the cellar, considering that she died in the main living area of the Cabin.

Army of Darkness Comics Edit


Annie as a Deadite in Army of Darkness: Old School.

In the Army of Darkness: Old School comic, Annie, along with her mother Henrietta, appear as Deadites in the cabin.

Evil Dead 2 Comics Edit

Beyond Dead By Dawn Edit


Annie Knowby as depicted on the cover of Issue 1 of Evil Dead 2: Beyond Dead By Dawn

Annie wakes up after being stabbed just in time to see Ash fall into the vortex. The Cabin crashes down into what appears to be Hell, where horrific winged demons prey on the dead who fall from above. They try to take her, but she defends herself with the Dagger and discovers that, when used, the Dagger charges with soul energy. She then uses the Necronomicon to create a simulacrum of Ash from his hand and, after explaining to him the story so far, goes on a quest to save her parents' souls from an entity known as Rabisu the Devourer and escape from Hell. Ash suggests that he take on Rabisu himself, as he technically doesn't have a soul (as proven by the fact that the demons ignore him); however, before they can get round to it, he becomes possessed by the Deadite. She manages to de possess him using the Dagger, and they successfully slay Rabisu, escape hell and free the souls within the Dagger before saying goodbye to her parents.

Cradle of the Damned Edit

Though they successfully escaped from Hell, they also unwittingly unleashed a horde of Deadites on the world, which they went about capturing, mashing up in an unlicensed grindhouse and using as bait for other Deadites. Though is strategy worked, there was far too many Deadites for them to be able to take down with this approach. Annie eventually came up with the idea of sending them to the Mirror Dimension inhabited by the Dark Ones by creating a superportal big enough to suck them in. Annie worked on creating a storage unit powerful enough to house the energy required for the ritual whilst Ash went out hunting Deadites with "cat food". Eventually they stockpile enough to complete the ritual, and Annie, once again, reads the incantation whilst Ash fends off the Deadites. The ritual works, but because the Ash simulacrum has Deadite blood, he starts to get sucked in as well. Annie grabs onto his leg and tries to pull him back, but Ash implores her to let him go or she'll get pulled in too. She refuses to let go and they both get sucked through.

On the other side, they are rescued from an illusion by Regardie, a man trapped in the dimension by jealous peers. He tells them there is a way to get them back to their own world, but "the cure may be deadlier than the disease". He uses a spell to hide Annie's soul; the act attracts the attention of demons, which nearly devour Annie until the Ash simulacrum intervenes and allows the creature to devour him to allow Annie to escape. Regardie successfully sends Annie back to her own world but is unable to follow, leaving Annie back where she started, alone.

Personality Edit

Of the group, Annie is shown to be the most competent and level-headed, even under extreme pressure such as that experienced in the cabin. She is shown to adapt quickly to new situations and figure out solutions to problems with relative ease. She is also seen to have inherited her father's archaeological expertise, translating ancient Sumerian text in a matter of minutes. Whilst initially deeply shocked and upset by the death of her parents and deeply resentful of Ash when it seemed as if he had killed them, when the true nature of the situation came to light and she found herself fighting for her life against not only Ed Getley and her possessed mother, but the very trees surrounding the cabin, she swiftly adapted to the reality of the situation, and warmed to Ash greatly.

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